@@@The Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (RIHSS) was established in January 2012 by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST; formerly the National Science Council) of Taiwan, with the mission to integrate cross-disciplinary cooperation in research of the humanities and social sciences.

@@@The RIHSS is funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology and located in National Taiwan University (NTU). In order to further integrate the academic resources of NTU and to facilitate the administration of the RIHSS in NTU, a new institute Center for the Advancement of the Humanities and Social Sciences, NTU was established in 2015 within the University.


@@@The main goals of RIHSS are to support academic research, provide services to academic communities, cultivate junior scholars, and promote the development of the humanities and social sciences. These goals are served in part by recruiting post-doctoral scholars, sponsoring academic research projects and activities, integrating databases, ranking and evaluating academic journals, and publishing research results. In addition, to promote interaction between domestic and international research communities, the RIHSS also provides funding for outstanding foreign scholars to visit the RIHSS.

@@@By operating as the CAHSS in the NTU administrative system, the RIHSS is able to share NTU's academic network and resources, helping the RIHSS to accomplish its mission in a more effective way.

For more information about us, please visit the website of RIHSS.